Boring day at work :(

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Like seriously. I am bored as fuck! So I was getting to work today earlier than usual. This made me proud as I have worked out as I should have, and this whole week was productive. I am also working on a collaboration for my podcast! What I didn’t know when I came to work … Read More

I’m on iTunes!

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Hey my fellow friends 🙂 Today is a big day as my Podcast has been approved to be listed on iTunes. I know, many Podcasts make it on iTunes, but for me, it feels like a step in the right direction. And the more directories I have, the more listeners and followers I might gain. … Read More

Episode 1: Pilot – And so it begins.

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So I actually was able to record the first Episode of the The-Odds-In.Me Podcast! YAY! Of course, this Pilot is pretty simple. I introduce myself and talk a bit about what I want to achieve with this Podcast. The main topic is The issues I had in my life! Or a bit more specific: The … Read More