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Welcome to The-Odds-In.Me. My Blog to express my struggles regarding achieving something.

So you might ask yourself: “What is this all about?”. Now the Answer to this is quite simple: Over the years, I had many ideas for awesome Projects and many cool things I could do, or I could become. But the issue with them was that I never finished something. Like…never!

Imagine this: You are a 24 years old German person. You have had many dreams and wishes over the years. But some of them just went to the next level. Here are some examples. I’ll go more into detail later on.

  • Become the best Singer alive!
  • Develop the next big thing!
  • Develop the next awesome Game!
  • Become a successful YouTuber!
  • Be the next big Twitch-Streamer!

So you see that I had a few dreams. And to be honest, this is just the tip of the iceberg (common sentence in Germany).

Let’s tackle this one after another. So you watch some Got-Talent on YouTube and see a singer who is performing one of your favorite Songs. So you think about how it would be to be the next big singer! So you decide to take some classes to become better. Unfortunately, a personal trainer is very cost-intensive. The alternative: THE INTERNET! Yes, the Internet! You find an “Acadamy” online which states that it will be able to teach you the secrets of becoming a decent singer. So you book the course which only costs you around 15€/Month. That’s not much now, is it?

But after getting the course, you realize something. You don’t want to disturb your neighbors! But the issue with singing is, you have to practice like you have to with most skills. So you are frightened to practice at home. And without practice, you won’t get where you want to be.

So you don’t do the course and forget about it. After two months, you see the money withdraw on your bank account and wonder what it is. But somehow you are not ready to cancel it. Because after all, you wanted it to be good.

Let’s get to the next thing: You work in a big company which has a Customer Care Department. You are responsible for the Workforce Management of that company, and at some point, you think that a good time tracker would help everyone with the job. After some talking to your Managers, you get the approval to do so, and after just a few weeks of developing, you have this fully functioning (well a bit buggy) software.

You now believe you could develop the next big thing! So you plan and buy domains and servers and everything. But you have to realize that it is an enormous task for just a single person, so you quickly lose interest.

It is the same with everything. I wanted to develop a cool game (I have a quite solid concept), so I bought many courses for quite some money. Still, I didn’t finish the learning process even though it was a lot of fun.

The same goes for YouTube or Twitch. I bought expensive equipment but I never really managed to finish something.

Even this blog was in the planning for two months! But it took me just one day to set everything up and write a simple Template.

But at least I’m finally writing my first Blog and preparing the first Podcast. So I guess I am on the right track here. But why is it so hard to finish something? Why can’t I start one project and finish it?

So by now, you should have guessed what this blog is about. I’m writing about the struggle so many people have nowadays. And I’m not only talking about the ones regarding projects. I will try to cover as many topics as possible with his Blog — work, Life, Love, Sexuality, Dreams, and so on.

So stick around if you want to and have great day!

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