Be motivated at Work! Or not?

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So today I want to talk about motivation at your workplace. No matter what your job is, you need some motivation, right?

A few weeks ago, I started to lose this motivation completely. You see, I work as a Workforce Manager. So I am responsible for Forecasting and Scheduling. I work in a small Team, and we had to take care of many Agents in Customer Care from my Company.

Now I was pretty motivated at first. You see, I started as an Agent back in November 2017. It was a fun job, but not well paid. After about 5 Months, I got promoted to be a Senior Agent. Better payment, more responsibilities.

I handled the GDPR related stuff in the company, so I had a stressful job. But I managed it (of course with the help of others as well ♥). So another 6 or so Month later, I got promoted to the Junior Workforce Manager. I’m still in this position (not that I expect to be promoted), but it looks like, that I might switch a few steps up again in some time.

So I should be more than motivated. I don’t know that many people who had such a fast career, regardless of their knowledge or college degree.

But still. After my company got sold in December 2018, my motivation went to shit. I didn’t want to continue working and was planning on leaving the company. May this year I made the decision. I handed in my resignation letter and searched for a job at my families place.

I found one in just three days, and everything was looking suitable for a move. Then my boss asked me if there is any chance for me to stay. I told him that I want to work more as a developer and still be part of Workforce Management.

I never expected anything to happen, but last week, he told me that he got a position. So I had to decide. Move to my family and start a new job. Or stay in Berlin and stay at the company that I owe so much.

It was a hard decision. My best friend wanted me back to my families place as he lived there as well. My friends in Berlin didn’t want me to go. My family wanted me back as well, but they said I should do what I think is the best for my life.

I didn’t know what to do. Usually, my weird mind would tell me to do what I intentionally planned: Move back home! But I figured that I wouldn’t do it because I want it, I’d do it because I don’t want to break my promise. I want others to be happy.

That’s when I said: Fuck it! I stay in Berlin. I do what I want to and what I think is the best for me. At least for once. And it felt AWESOME! I got motivated to work. I was excited to do this Blog and my Podcast. Things are going like I wanted them to go. So maybe. Maybe I finally can be motivational by deciding more often, what I want to do. Not what could be useful for others. Sure, of course, I’ll help them and be a genuine person. But now and then I will decide on what Raphael wants.

So the conclusion: Motivation at work is depending on many things:

Do you like your job?
Do you like the company?
Do you like your coworkers?
Is the furniture nice?
Is the structure good?
Are you happy with your relationships?
Is everyone healthy?

But also…do you things that only YOU want to do? Or do you do it because you think others expect you to do so? And if you do so, why?

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