The first training day!

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So today I had my first day of training. And it was a blast!

Everything feels numb. I can’t lift my arms very high, but my mood is perfect. Today I met a friend of mine, and we went into a local gym. I always feared going there since I am somewhat fat (178cm high, roughly 77 KG of weight). But honestly, there were no bad moments. Sure, most of the people there were very trained and looked like a baby from Arnold Schwarzenegger and The Rock, but no one judged me. They didn’t care about my presence.

We focused on the shoulders and the chest. Thus it hurts a bit to raise my arms 😀 But I feel good about it. Tomorrow will be a resting day and on Tuesday I want to focus on my legs. Legday….YAY 😀

But honestly. My mood is improving after releasing the second Episode of my Blog.

I feel like nothing can stop me now! Sure there will be times where I am not so motivated, but this feeling right now is refreshing. I also did my singing lessons today, and I feel like they helped me. It is fantastic to do little steps of multiple things rather than giant steps of just one thing. It keeps me in a good mood.

So I wonder how the next week will be. I hope I will do it 🙂 Thanks for reading and have a great day ♥

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