Boring day at work :(

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Like seriously. I am bored as fuck!

So I was getting to work today earlier than usual. This made me proud as I have worked out as I should have, and this whole week was productive. I am also working on a collaboration for my podcast!

What I didn’t know when I came to work today: The two programs that I use to do everything do not work due to a bad internal IT-Structure. Like seriously. I don’t know where they got these people, but they did not provide anything useful. Well to be honest. It is not their fault. They are pretty nice but the overall way of requesting things just takes to much time.

So I wondered how bad this would affect my motivation. I am so tired that I would love to fall asleep while doing nothing. Well okay, I am not unproductive since I’m writing these words, but I am not productive for the company. I mean, how am I supposed to? I forwarded the issues to the IT-Team so now I have to wait for their response.

If my boss sent me home, which I highly doubt, I probably would lay down and sleep for like an hour or so. But that would mean that I wouldn’t be able to sleep tonight. It’s just a mess -.-

So well yeah. Just wanted to give you an update. Hope to hear form me again soon 😀

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