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Hey there! Glad you’re here! Unfortunately, I have a big no-no for you today. I recorded my last episode together with ILLREVIEWANYTHING. An awesome dude from Mississippi.

However, to upload it, I had to upgrade my Buzzsprout Account. Usually, that wouldn’t be an issue, but they only accept credit cards. Now I DO have a credit card. But unfortunately, it is one with a fixed amount that I first have to transfer from my bank account to the card. And for some weird reason, Buzzsprout does not accept that card.

But don’t fear! Since I already wanted to switch to a different Bank, I did it now. They serve as a fully online bank and also give you a credit card from the get-go. So as soon as that arrives, you’ll at least get one episode if not two at the same time.

So, stay tuned and sorry for the inconvenience.

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