Episode 3: American – German Love

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So in this Episode, I got a Guest. @ILLREVIEWANY and I talked about some American and German differences and similarities.

As we all know, Germans and Americans aren’t that similar to each other. We work, we keep track of our society. We don’t care that much about patriotism. We work. We have Lederhosen. But what is it, that we have in common? Where do we meet each other? Patrick and I asked the same question. Unintentionally. We just started recording and somehow talked about that.

Now, this Episode is far less from being a representative Science report. We both are incredibly biased about our countries (Spoiler: We don’t love them nor hate them), and we both liked each other, which in my book is due to us being weird people who to podcasts on the internet. So that alone makes us less average citizens than one might expect.

But find out more about it in the Episode. Also please check Patrick out. You’ll find everything below this Text 🙂

Also here is his Twitter again ♥

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