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Hey everyone! It has been some time since my last post. Unfortunately, I had a few issues to deal with. But don’t you worry, everything got sorted out!

Last week I had to witness how all of my savings disappeared. That was one horrific situation, I assure you that. Now, this was due to me changing my bank account and my old bank just being a bunch of jerks. It took a few days until I had my money back, which meant that I had no money for a few days, which again resulted in many bills not being paid on time. I got around 30 overdue notices. That’s a bunch.

Now, when this was sorted out, I felt good. So I started recording the last week’s episode. Unfortunately, the file got corrupted, and almost one and a half-hour of material is gone.

Two other things also happened earlier this week. Apparently, my ex-fiance suddenly feels the urge to meet me and have a chat. Now, as far as I know, I already talked about her in my episode about happiness. So you know I don’t see her as a potential love interest anymore. Still, it makes me feel weird. Kinda I’d love to be in a relationship with her again as we had such a great time. But then I think about how she treated me and what she has done to me. Most of what she did was absolutely not her fault and was done unintentionally. Still, I was an emotional wreck after all of this.

And the most important thing: I WILL GET FERRETS!

Yeah, it is true, I will adopt ferrets. The first two should arrive next week. Another one or maybe even two will arrive in two months from now. So I slowly will build my own little family ^_^.

So this is just a real quick update on how I am doing and what is happening. Also, stay tuned for this week’s episode!

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